About Us

Backflow Theft Prevention, Inc. was founded by the Love and Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We owe everything to him!
Backflow Theft Prevention, Inc. is a family owned and operated business and sister company to American Allstate Backflow Specialists, Inc., a full service Backflow Testing, Repairs and installation Company (AABS) which was established by Jack C. McCauley Sr. & his son Colin McCauley in Feb. 1989. AABS knows Backflow Prevention and works closely with many City Utilities Department’s throughout South Florida helping and servicing thousands of Property Owners and Management Companies with all their Backflow Prevention requirements, then we forward gathered data to the various City Utilities Depts. Within the past year, AABS has been flooded with phone calls from our loyal customers (Property Management, Commercial Businesses etc.) concerning the theft of their Backflow Preventers.

We appreciate all our customers and sympathize with all those who have become victims of Backflow Theft. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace these Backflow Preventers that have been stolen by thieves looking to cash in by scraping the metal for monetary gain, thus, Backflow Theft Prevention Inc. was born by Colin McCauley & Anthony Pupo who work as partners in this Endeavour.

BTP, Inc. works to help businesses and property management companies from becoming victims to backflow theft. BTP carries a variety of products specially designed to stop thieves in their tracks and has become a must have application for all property Owners.. Demand for our products has grown as victims of these thefts have discovered there is a solution, & the only solution is Sentry Backflow Theft Prevention Products.

BTP is proud to be part of the solution & we encourage you to compare Sentry Backflow Theft Prevention Products against any other currently in the market today. We know that you will come to the same conclusion; BTP Products are simply the very best protection possible. Our customers will all agree that when it comes to Backflow Theft Prevention there is only one clear choice, and that is Sentry Backflow Theft Prevention Products.

Thank you and we hope you will also choose to;
Just Lock It!

Respectfully Yours,
Colin McCauley / President